Mathematics Education – Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water

Among the many insights that I learned from my co-author and mentor, Mike Keedy, was that educational history seems to have a bad habit of repeating itself. Educators start with a great idea, a baby. The baby is cute and has its merits, so much so that the educational community gets fired up about the idea and climbs on the bandwagon, adopting the idea whole-hog and wringing it for all it is worth. Inevitably, as with any good idea, negative aspects occur because of the hurried way it was implemented. Then the world decides, perhaps erroneously, that the idea is totally bad, and throws it out entirely with the bath water. In the process, the good parts of the idea get discarded as well. A prime example was the modern math movement of the 60s and early 70s. It was motivated by the Russian satellite Sputnik in 1957, the first in orbit. The idea of advancing scientific training in the United States was the baby. The bandwagon was the jump to carry it out by pushing advanced concepts down to lower grades. The bath water was throwing out the entire idea because it downplayed the teaching of skills. Just because some aspect of non-decimal bases can be taught to third graders does not mean it should be, especially if skills get slighted and teachers are ill prepared to teach it. Just because some aspects of calculus might be taught in ninth grade algebra does not mean they should be, especially if equation-solving and problem-solving skills get slighted. One aspect of the modern math movement was worth saving and that was the adherence to providing a rationale to the mathematics being taught. In my opinion, providing the rationale got thrown out with the bath water. The rationale of concepts should be provided without sacrificing skills. Thirty years later, I still ascribe to that in my writing philosophy – it is in all my books! I try to write with understanding, but my goal is sound mathematics skills as well. Where does this understanding come from? The answer is by experimentation or discovery, intuition, logical reasoning, and finally abstraction.

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Strong Industry Connections at AICA Education

AICA Educations strong industry connections have enabled students to be given unique opportunities whilst studying, which can lead to them to finding their ideal jobs when they graduate.

Diploma of Graphic Design student, Stayc Sinclair, has gained invaluable industry experience through a range of freelance work arranged by AICA Education. “Whilst studying Ive worked on design jobs for various organisations, such as designing logos, websites and brochures. The experience has made me more confident to enter the workforce at the completion of my Diploma.”

AICA Educations Diploma of Graphic Design provides a program of study focused on industry centred outcomes. Students create a professional portfolio which can help them secure their ideal job in the Graphic Design industry.

Stacys portfolio has been instrumental in kick-starting her career, as she has recently been offered a highly sought after internship position at Warner Brothers.

“AICA arranged a job interview for me at Warner Brothers. After looking at my portfolio I was offered an internship with Warner Brothers for when I graduate.”

“I chose AICA to study my Graphic Design Diploma because of their up to date software packages, such as 3D Studio Max and Dreamweaver. It was the only college I could find with all of the programs I needed as well as both Mac and PC facilities.”

AICA Educations Diploma of Graphic Design teaches students to use a 3D package and Dreamweaver design software programs, which are quite new to Australia and are in high demand in the workplace. With the graphic design industry moving towards multimedia and online media, learning to create in 3D is imperative. AICA Education graduates trained in these programs will have a major competitive advantage in the industry.

Students are also trained to develop their theoretical, technical and practical skills in design programs Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Flash.

CEO and AICA Education College Head, Ruth Grosser says that AICAs point of difference is their small class sizes which allow for increased interaction and one-on-one attention from teachers.

“Our teachers are all leading, industry professionals all with vast experience in many areas of the creative arts,” said Mrs Grosser. “At AICA Education we are passionate about ensuring our students have successful careers when they graduate. We ensure that we give all our students great training, small class sizes and the motivation to succeed.”

From Certificate to Diploma level, AICA Education offers courses in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Graphic Pre-Press, Fist Aid and Workplace Training and Assessment. These courses prepare students for a variety of cutting-edge career opportunities in areas such as advertising, design, promotion, publishing, printing, marketing, packaging, photography, multimedia, consultancy, small business and management.

Pros And Cons Of Educational Institutions With Or Without P.e. Uniforms

Right to an education is each childs right which a parent must not neglect. Public educational facilities gives their students the selection about what to wear when going to school. In spite of this, this liberty may open doors to several matters with reference to clothes. Teenagers, in this day and age, tend to judge others through the garments they wear. This can turn into a personal matter and it could also turn out to be fairly expensive. Some wants to dress in the costliest outfit that they want to get them the attention they long for for. Then there are people that dont like to go to the class as their sweats are not up to par with the more expensive ones.

Some public school and most private schools have tried to assuage this matter by means of making things a bit simpler. Every after P.E. class, pupils become sweaty because of rigorous activities done during class that is why wearing of P.E. uniforms is ordered. One of the many benefit is the cost of the uniform. A P.E. uniform can be used throughout the school year and they’re comparatively cheap. It is a whole lot inexpensive than buying many sets of trendy and pricey sweat clothes. There are least cases of social discrimination for the reason that one cant pay for expensive clothes. The act of compulsory P.E. uniforms amongst pupils makes them feel equal since you can find no cheap or classy clothing involved. This will control the speculations on who has the most expensive or cheapest sweats.

Third benefit is that the attire is more convenient for the parents. The uniforms are easily identifiable and they may launder them way in advance of the days that they’re supposed to be worn. Since it is not worn daily, there isn’t a need to stress regarding searching for the appropriate sweats their children could use. Fourth advantage is that the uniforms could be simply stowed inside a bag and brought home to launder.The wear and tear of daily outfits is easier with the uniforms. P.E. uniforms are affordable and comfy. They are also commonly colored light to make it cooler especially during hot months. The schools also promote cheerleading uniforms like Spirit Wear as they are incredibly practical, appealing and easy to maintain.

The Benefits Of Educational Computer Games For Kids

Children these days are naturally disposed for interaction with computers and this makes educational computer games for kids an important part of their development. With as much time as your child is going to want to be on the computer, it is important to expose them to educational computer games for kids early on. The good news for parents is that many of these games, especially ones geared for elementary school children are free.

There is a website called ABCya! that provides free educational computer games for kids that you can access on the web. Games are all created by or approved by certified teachers. The games cover grades kindergarten through fifth and feature titles like Alpha Munchies typing game, Create a Car, Paint, Railroad Patterns, Math Fact Shoot-out, and Raceway Number Values.

Another website providing fun and educational computers games for kids is called Learn 4 Good. Learn 4 Good also provides links to books and other learning materials on subjects like the alphabet, math, science, social studies, reading, writing, languages, phonics, coloring, nursery rhymes, and more. Learn 4 Good is not only a site where you can download hours worth of educational computer games for kids, but it is a beneficial resource for parents as well.

Another Internet site loaded with educational computer games for kids is Knowledge Adventure. At Knowledge Adventure you can choose from a long list of educational computer games for kids. Most of the games are age appropriate for toddlers to six-year olds and you can segregate games by your childs age. Knowledge Adventure even has computer games for the preschool set.

Another site with educational computer games for kids ages three through twelve is called Prongo. Like all of the other websites with educational computer games for kids, Prongo has a wide variety of games covering many different subject areas. Prongo even has an area with jokes for kids.

This list of educational computer games for kids could probably continue on and on, listing other sites like Wonder Rotunda,, Leap Frog, and Up To Ten.

Many of these sites combine free downloadable educational computer games for kids and games that you can download at a cost. If you travel away from your computer screen and to your closest national chain toy store, you will find a selection of educational computer games for kids there also. It is suggested that you make note of the games you and your child find most appealing and look for reviews of those games on the Internet. Simply type the name of the game software and the word review into a search engine and you will come up with commentary from parents and educational experts that should be beneficial in aiding your search for educational computer games for kids.

Wherever you go to get educational computer games for kids it is good to have your children playing and learning as soon as possible. As with any type of educational toy, educational computer games for kids can be a tool in the development of your child without their ever realizing that they have any application other than fun.

Scholarships For Soccer In America Revolutionizing The Education System

Pursuing a career of your dreams and also funding yourself to get into a good college or school for your higher education is a real juggle for every average student in the recent days. Each year, there are tens of thousands of applications which are rejected or students dropping the college just because they do not have enough resources to support them to go to a school to pursue further studies. They either opt for a meagerly sufficient job for survival or compromise on their choice of school or area of study in order to just obtain a college degree. Amidst cut throat competition lays the solution of scholarships.

Scholarships not only are given to exemplary candidates with good track record in studies but also to outstanding students in extracurricular activities. There are several fields wherein a student probably wants to pursue a career while also fulfilling the needs of acquiring a reputed college degree. One such field is sports. Several players across the country are now getting into sports with an intention and aim of pursuing a professional career out of it. There are many sports which are encouraged to be pursued as a career right from middle school level. Soccer is one of them as it is not only a sporting activity in this country but also a serious game wherein players have shown exemplary growth and portrayal of professionalism.

This has led many reputed schools and colleges across the country to not only encourage such sportsmen but also aid them in their education. Benefits of being a sportsman in this country are given through scholarship grants to outstanding sportsmen in the field of soccer. Colleges promote their admissions by encouraging soccer players through their scholarship programs. Scholarships for soccer in USA have not only been benefitting for students but colleges as well. The number of applicants and admissions has substantially increased in recent days while providing scholarships for soccer in America.

Now students not just can afford a reputed college education but also pursue their career as a professional soccer player. These scholarships aid students to fund for their tuition fees, books, living expenses and other utility costs incurred in a formal college education. Also, students can avail extra benefits while playing for their team as professionals while sharpening their leadership and motivational skills.

Players who are provided with scholarships for soccer in USA have shown exemplary performances both on and off field. They are provided with appropriate training with state-of-the-art facilities to promote and encourage them to play football with sheer enthusiasm. This encouragement has led them to increase their focus and make them perform well in their studies as they apply their sports knowledge of handling immense pressure and tackling responsibilities into their education effectively.