Education at Its Best in Borivali

Borivali is a place in Mumbai said to be the suburban area located in the north – west of the city. Borivali consists of many high quality schools that are affiliated to different boards like CBSE, ICSE or the state boards. Some schools in Borivali are also affiliated to the international educational boards. The place has higher literacy rate as… More →

Internet Moneymaking Opportunities In The Education Industry

Although it should come as no surprise, there are a variety of ways for schools and educators to make money online. While the opportunities are endless, one recent concept has emerged, and thats the notion of selling goods and services through an educational auction and freelance network. One of the more obvious ways that schools and educators can make money… More →

Review of Primary School Mathematics Teachers of Mathematics, five methods – education, industry

Primary Mathematics Teaching in the present review is often the existence of such phenomenon: a large number of teachers collected some exercises, papers, fighting hard for students to question the sea; some of the “burst the same old stuff” for students to practice mechanical repetition, even when the final review students to the book’s “overall review” do a few times;… More →

Benefits Of Educational Software

Learning things in a traditional way could be a boring task for many students. The conventional way is to go to the school, learn new things from your teacher, bring homework, and go back to school again after. It’s a continuous 5-day or 6-day cycle for some. In this age of computers, the discovery of educational software broke the chain… More →